Porous Paving

Porous Paving Systems provide a surface and base support layer that will allow infiltration, but prevent turf damage through a sustainable vegetated surface.

Turf Stone:
Turf Stone is a concrete grid paving system that offers specific distinct advantages for Erosion Control, Overflow Parking, Emergency Access Areas and other Vehicular Access Areas.

Grasspave2 porous paving allows you to park, drive, walk, ride, or lounge on a beautiful grass surface. It performs the functions of asphalt or concrete pavement, but with the aesthetics of a lawn – all while enhancing the environment.

Air Field Grass Pave:
From fire lanes, overflow, and event parking, to temporary and stadium parking, the AirDrain grass pave system delivers. The incredibly strong AirDrain geogrid prevents rutting from traffic, protects turf roots, and promotes beautiful grass.

Turf Cell:
Turf Cell is a porous paving product used to prevent turf damage in traffic applications, while allowing water to drain through the surface to reduce the volume of storm water runoff.

Geo Runner-GeoBlock2-GeoBlock® porous pavement systems are used to prevent turf damage in traffic applications such as access lanes, parking lots, golf cart paths and high traffic pedestrian areas.

GravelPave2 porous pavement allows you to park, drive, walk, or ride on a beautiful decorative gravel surface.



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