Decorative Synthetic Pavement

Decorative resin based synthetic asphalt available in many colors; hot applied material installed on top of asphalt, to ¾’ thickness, color is throughout product and has a seamless design. Brick designs are stamped in many configurations, minimal disruption to traffic- “Get in, Get Out” is preferred for minimal traffic disruption. No water penetration and ready to drive on in 45 minutes. Typical application are crosswalks, roundabouts, pedestrian walks, embankments and medians, theme parks, pool decks, courtyards and building entrances.

StreetPrint® and StreetBond150™ from Integrated Paving Concepts

StreetPrint® by Integrated Paving Concepts is a proprietary system that is installed using Integrated Paving Concepts patented StreetHeat® asphalt reheating technology. StreetPrint® combines the flexibility and strength of asphalt pavement with leading-edge asphalt coating systems. This results in a cost-effective, durable surface with low maintenance requirements.

Information on StreetBond150 asphalt coatings coming soon!

View the video below of a stamped asphalt crosswalk with thermoplastic overlay in Emporia, Virginia.


Awesome custom Duratherm job – Hagerstown, MD.

img_0337 img_0338

Decorative Asphalt job – Herndon, VA.